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Lowering the Risk of Mesothelioma in Everyday Products (Page 1 of 2)

Although people who live or work around asbestos mines or work directly with asbestos-containing products are at greatest risk, a non-commercial form of amphibole mineral, named tremolite may also pose a mesothelioma

A Rude Awakening

January and February have both come and gone; and for most of us so have our New Year’s Resolutions. I recently was reminded of the most popular resolution (weight loss) as I

Studies Show that Pure Emu Oil Can be Used to Help Treat Hair Loss

The use of emu oil to treat hair loss and encourage hair regrowth is becoming widely popular. At Boston University, Dr Michael Holick, Professor of Dermatology, has carried out studies (in both

What is the largest fruit on Earth?

If you didn’t know, jackfruit is the largest fruit you can find. It has many health benefits and you have probably never heard of this fruit. That is no surprise because it