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The Real Truth About the Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Holidays, weddings, and class reunions all have one thing in common – the thought of them sends us searching desperately for the fastest way to lose weight. We deprive our bodies of

When You’re Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly, You’ll Try (Nearly) Anything

Cabbage soup, juice fasts, diet pills, and even colon cleansing have all been heralded as the next big breakthrough for quick weight loss. Most everyone who needs to lose – whether just

Do You Know What Is a Good Serving Size? Correcting Portion Distortion. (Page 1 of 2)

The million dollar question: What is the solution to the obesity epidemic?If there were just one answer it would be a simpler problem to address. But unfortunately, there are many components to

Top 5 Ways to Deal with High Blood Pressure

The emphasis on healthy lifestyles has not changed over the generations. An unhealthy diet coupled with sedentary lifestyles and obesity invariably leads to hypertension and associated complications. This is why it’s very